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Napa’s Queen of the Valley Hospital Uses Illuminating New Technology with Patients

Here’s a great article about how Napa’s Queen of the Valley Hospital has deployed six AccuVein devices in their facility. They have found that, “Instead of spending 30 minutes at the bedside” with a patient with hard-to-find veins, when using

AccuVein Inc. Announces OEM Agreement with Greiner Bio-One

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Greiner Bio-One to Bring Vein Visualization to South America with the Greiner Bio-One AV400 Vein Scanner   AccuVein Inc., the global leader in vein visualization, today announced an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Greiner Bio-One, a leading medical technology company.  Greiner

AccuVein to Display Market Leading Vein Visualization Technology at AVA 2018

Poster Study at AVA 2018 Shows AccuVein “Significantly Increases Success Rates” AccuVein Inc., the global leader in vein visualization, announced today that it will be showcasing the AccuVein device at the AVA Annual Scientific Meeting being held in Columbus, Ohiofrom

AccuVein Found to Increase Venous Access Success in Infants and Toddlers

Independent Study Shows Use of Vein Visualization Results in Fewer Sticks, Less Pain  AccuVein Inc. (, the global leader in vein visualization, today announced the publication of a study that found the use of AccuVein vein visualization increases the success

AccuVein Cited in Harvard Business Review’s Augmented Reality Article

Michael E. Porter, University Professor at Harvard, recently published an HBR article, “A Manager’s Guide to Augmented Reality” that cites AccuVein as an example of augmented reality in healthcare. The article states, “AR applications provide a sort of X-ray vision,

AccuVein on Sunday TODAY

The AccuVein made a cameo appearance on Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist on a segment highlighting Forward Inc., an AccuVein customer, that is disrupting healthcare by creating the next generation in doctor’s offices. Here’s a link to the segment (AccuVein can

AccuVein Inc. Named A Best Place to Work in Medical Sales

MedReps Ranks AccuVein #1 for Third Consecutive Year AccuVein Inc. (, the global leader in vein visualization, has been named one of the best places to work by MedReps in their 2018 Best Places to Work in Medical Sales Awards.

AccuVein Inc. Announces the Doubling of Sales to the Aesthetic Market in 2017

Aesthetic physicians are embracing vein visualization in record numbers to help avoid bruising during injectable procedures

AccuVein Inc. Achieves Quality Milestone

Certification is Latest Version of Quality Standard

Lone Tree’s Weber Facial Plastic Surgery Adds Innovative AccuVein Illuminating System To Reduce Post-Op Bruising

AccuVein AV400 is Used by Aesthetic Physicians to Help Minimize Bruising from Injectable Procedures

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