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AccuVein Cited in Harvard Business Review’s Augmented Reality Article

Posted on April 19, 2018

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Michael E. Porter, University Professor at Harvard, recently published an HBR article, “A Manager’s Guide to Augmented Reality” that cites AccuVein as an example of augmented reality in healthcare.

The article states, “AR applications provide a sort of X-ray vision, revealing internal features that would be difficult to see otherwise. At the medical device company AccuVein, for instance, AR technology converts the heat signature of a patient’s veins into an image that is superimposed on the skin, making the veins easier for clinicians to locate. This dramatically improves the success rate of blood draws and other vascular procedures. AR more than triples the likelihood of a successful needle stick on the first try and reduces the need for “escalations” (calling for assistance, for example) by 45%.”

The complete article can be found here:



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