How can I tell if my AccuVein vein finder needs service?

The AccuVein device requires no user adjustments, calibration, or preventive maintenance.  It has extensive self-test and self-calibration functionality that alerts the user should any problem occur. If the device detects that it cannot operate properly, it automatically turns off the vein display light and displays an alert or fault screen.

Temperature Alert: Alerts appear if you operate the device in an environment that’s too cold or too hot.  Should a temperature alert occur, simply bring the device back within its operating temperature range, see manual for operating temperature; note, most “too cold” alerts can be resolved by removing and reinserting the battery.

Fault Message: Other alerts indicate when the battery needs to be charged or replaced. If a fault screen appears, turn the unit off using the round button on the top of the unit.  Click the blue button to activate the vein display.  If the fault persists, you should stop using the device and contact AccuVein support via telephone at (888) 631-8160.

Other operational problems: If the vein finder does not project the red vein display, power off the unit with the round button on the top of the unit. Click the blue button to activate the device.  If the red vein projection isn’t present or the LCD screen is not properly working, you should return the unit to the charging cradle to charge the battery for 2-5 hours.  If this does not correct the issue, stop using the device and contact AccuVein support via telephone at (888) 631-8160.

Important Note

The following instructions only apply to units sold and installed in the United States. Outside the U.S., please contact your distributor for information about the service process in your location.

How do I get my AccuVein serviced?

Easy! Contact AccuVein support at (888) 631-8160 for the fastest possible support. One of our Customer Support Representatives will take you through the process and email you an RMA return shipping label so that you can send in your device.


How Quickly Do I Get Up and Running?

AccuVein has developed a set of service plans that give you the ability to tailor service levels to the unique needs of your facility. Each plan exceeds industry standards and you can choose our unique expedited replacement to get your users up and running as soon as the next day.

The support person taking your call will provide you with specific information concerning your plan.

For equipment sold outside the United States, please contact your authorized AccuVein distributor for warranty entitlement for your location.

How do I check the status of my service request?
You can check on the status of your service by contacting AccuVein support at (888) 631-8160 or emailing our Service Department at

Are there any special cleaning instructions for AccuVein products?
Cleaning instructions can be found in the user manual or you can visit the cleaning page  here