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Platinum Service Plan

Platinum Service covers your AccuVein device, including breakage, and supports a seamless replacement, minimizing downtime and keeping AV500 devices in the hands of clinicians for best practice venipuncture procedures.

Advantages of the Platinum Service Plan

Service and Support
Replaces all AV500 devices in the event of malfunction or breakage.

Rapid Replacement
Replacement devices shipped 2nd day air. Shipping is free of charge in both directions.

Continued Service Coverage
Platinum Service continues on any replacement device.

Factory Quality Replacements
Devices are produced and tested on the same production line used to build new units, ensuring the same quality for all replacement units.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the replacement details?

Replacement devices are completely refurbished to “like new” condition. Devices are calibrated, tested, and updated to the current specifications. Return the AV500 with the pre-paid shipping label.

Replacement units are compatible with your existing accessories.

What is not covered?

Lost or stolen AV500 devices and devices serviced outside of an AccuVein repair facility.

Will the serial number change?

Yes, permanent replacements have a different serial number. Serial number changes are recorded and available upon request. Continuation of Platinum Service will transfer to the new serial number.

Does Platinum Service cover stands?

No. Hands-free stands come with a one-year warranty. Beyond one year, service options include upgrading to a new stand, and parts for self-service.

Three Weeks Less Down Time (on average per service event)

AccuVein requires no purchase order for replacement devices, which streamlines the process and minimizes downtime on each service event.

Are you ready to protect your investment?

For additional questions or to purchase a Platinum Service Plan, please email or call 888-631-8160.

Platinum Service must be purchased within 90 days of original device purchase

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