December 2009

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“In the past, I’ve reviewed devices that help facilitate phlebotomy or IV insertion in children, and I’m pleased to report that a new device to help with these procedures is now available from AccuVein. Previously, vein-finder devices, including transilluminators, needed to be in contact with the patient’s skin, making for an awkward process. Not so with the new AccuVein Vein Viewing System, which can be used as a hand-held device or in conjunction with with several hands-free accessories that include a roll-able stand of a flexible clamp that can secure the device to a phlebotomy station. When the device is held 7 inches above the skin, infrared laser light shows the position of superficial veins with remarkable clarity. The device works well in children as well as adults and is equally effective when used on dark-skinned persons and on obese patients. The portable device uses a rechargeable battery that can provide more than 2 hours of continuous use, usually sufficient for as many as 360 IV insertions or blood draws. The device is expensive, priced at $4,500, but would be a welcome addition to any clinic, pediatric unit, or neonatal or pediatric ICU.”

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