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Inova Introduces AccuVein Vein Visualization Devices

Posted on October 22, 2012

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Inova’s clinical leadership has purchased new technology to make needle sticks faster and easier for both nurses and patients.

The portable device called has the ability to illuminate the veins. It uses infrared rays to illuminate patients’ skin, revealing the veins underneath like roads on a map. The equipment can be handheld or used hands-free, helping even the most experienced medical professionals stick veins faster.

Inova’s investment in this technology is designed to make work easier for the nurse while simultaneously improving patient care. One study showed that 93 percent of patients reported higher satisfaction scores if a clinician used Accuvein during their care.

The vein illuminators are being rolled out on clinical units in October and November. The product manufacturer, AccuVein, provides in-service training on the device.

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