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Cosmetic Procedures

Improving Patient Outcomes

AccuVein can help in cosmetic procedures to:

  • Locate and avoid veins
  • Minimize bruising
  • Reduce healing time by optimizing site selection
  • Improve patient satisfaction

By using vein illumination with AccuVein’s breakthrough device, many veins that might be otherwise undetectable without a vein locator, can be located and mapped on the patient’s skin.

“The AccuVein is an absolute game changer."

“It gives my patients great comfort to know that they are receiving an even higher level of care and peace of mind that they will not be left with embarrassing telltale signs of a visit to their plastic surgeon.”

Dr. Scott Wells, Park Avenue New York

AccuVein Vein Finder scanning a patient's temple

Breakthrough Performance

Easy to learn and use

No pre-use calibration or adjustments are necessary—it can be used immediately.

Hands-free option

In situations that require hands-free use, the device can be placed in a wheeled hands-free accessory or one that quickly attaches to a chair or bedrail.

Movement tolerant

Because the device shows the veins in real time, when operated properly, the device can accommodate patient movement.

No patient contact

Because the device has been designed to be non-contact, it may not have to be sterilized after every use.

Works in light or dark

Use the device in light or darkly lit environments.

Rechargeable battery

The device doesn’t need to be plugged into an electrical outlet.

Small size

The device fits in your hand and weighs only 10 ounces.


Permanently aligned; center line accurate to less then the width of a human hair.

“I also like to show the device to patients and let them play with it on their own hands. … [they] tell their friends how their doctor is special.”

— Dr. Joe Niamtu, Midlothian, Virginia

Useful Across Aesthetic Procedures

Vein illumination by AccuVein can be used to locate and avoid veins during cosmetic procedures. With cosmetic injectables avoiding facial veins can be very useful in minimizing bruising and possible migration of the injected fluids.

In sclerotherapy procedures the device can be used to locate veins, find the source or feeder veins, visually verify the efficacy of treatment, and in the consultation to show the patient the veins that will require treatment. With all of these applications the AccuVein is an essential tool that may improve possible outcomes and patient satisfaction. For more information regarding the use of the device in vascular procedures, click here.

Scott Wells Article

Optical Detection of Veins

Hemoglobin in the blood absorbs infrared light. When the device is held above the skin, veins appear noticeably different than the surrounding tissue.

The vasculature shows up clearly on the skin’s surface, aiding in vein location for access and avoidance.

“[The AccuVein] has been found to be especially useful in darker skin types, where veins are difficult to identify. Social downtime due to bruising is reduced. With the relative affordability of near-infrared vein-finding technology, it is feasible to consider regular use of these devices for improving the accuracy and safety of dermal filler injections.”

— Journal of Cosmetic & Laser Therapy

An Essential Tool

When you are performing aesthetic procedures the AccuVein can help you avoid veins when administering cosmetic injectables. Imagine how much more effective you would be with a map of the vasculature highlighted on the surface of the skin.

More effective procedures with less patient discomfort result in higher patient satisfaction making it clear why so many facilities have chosen to incorporate AccuVein into their standard of care.

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