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AccuVein Announces New Infusion Standards Recommend Near-Infrared (NIR) Vascular Visualization Technology

Posted on February 2, 2021

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AccuVein Inc.,the leader in near-infrared (NIR) vein visualization, today announced that the Infusion Nurses Society’s (INS) newly released 2021 Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice recommend use of NIR vein visualization technology in venipuncture procedures to “assess peripheral venous sites and facilitate more informed decisions about vein selection.”

By projecting a vivid map on the skin detailing underlying superficial venous anatomy, AccuVein’s vein visualization has been shown to increase first attempt success, reduce patient pain and anxiety, improve efficiency of venous access procedures, and decrease the risk of procedural complications.

Up to 90% of patients receive IV therapy at some point during their hospital stay, making it the most commonly performed invasive medical procedure. Although it is routine, venipuncture can be technically challenging. When multiple venous access attempts are required it is associated with increased patient morbidity, as well as increased utilization of staff and medical supplies.

“AccuVein is a simple solution to the complex venous access challenges facing every clinician across the care continuum,” says Thomas Hopkins, AccuVein’s Chief Medical Officer, “it is gratifying to see the 2021 INS recommendations align with recent clinical evidence supporting the efficacy of NIR in improving clinical quality, reducing patient harm and enhancing cost effectiveness.”

At a time when hospitals are increasingly focused on patient-centered care, The INS Standards clearly link NIR vein visualization to improvement in outcomes and the overall patient experience. As the Standards state, “It is important that vascular visualization technology is employed to increase insertion success of the most appropriate, least invasive vascular access device (VAD), minimizing the need to escalate to an unnecessary, more invasive device and to reduce insertion-related complications.”

“The pain and anxiety associated with receiving multiple needle sticks represent major concerns for patients receiving IV therapy,” says Chris Hutchison, AccuVein CEO, “the Standards’ recognition of NIR technology will help to ensure that we are meeting one of healthcare’s great challenges with the best tools possible.”

Written by an international group of experts and published every five years, the Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice is the definitive resource for best nursing practices in the field of infusion therapy. The Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice is available for sale on the INS web site (




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