IV Insertion

IV Insertion

IV Insertion

Performing venipuncture and starting intraveneous (I.V.) infusions are among the most challenging clinical skills that a healthcare professional has to master. In fact, accessing veins in patients with difficult venous access (DVA) can take up to 10 minutes. The IV insertion allows liquid substances to be distributed directly into the vein, providing immediate effect for patients. The most common IV insertion method is a peripheral IV line, where a hypodermic needle inserts a short catheter into a peripheral vein. The AccuVein helps to facilitate IV insertion by projecting a map of the peripheral veins directly on the skin. Although there is no substitute for a trained practitioner’s experience, the device can help simplify the IV catheter insertion process by helping to locate the point of needle placement. Soon to become an indispensable part of the IV insertion procedure, the AccuVein is effective and simple to use.

IV Insertion Procedure

The AccuVein can be easily incorporated into the IV insertion procedure. After applying a tourniquet above the intended puncture site, simply press the blue button on the side of the device. As hemoglobin absorbs infrared light, the AccuVein detects the difference in the hemoglobin concentration between the veins and surrounding tissue, projecting a map of the veins on the skin above. You can then hand the device to an assistant or use the optional hands-free stand and continue the IV insertion smoothly and confidently. Once the IV is in place and the tourniquet released, the AccuVein’s work is done!

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Note: The AccuVein should only be used by qualified medical professionals and only in conjunction with appropriate visual and tactile vein assessment techniques. AccuVein does not recommend that the device be held by a practitioner when performing an IV insertion.

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