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Warranty FAQs

Please note: For countries other than the United States, please check with your local distributor for warranty and service questions.

How long is my AV300, AV400 or AV500 covered by AccuVein’s warranty?

The AccuVein warranty covers your device for one year from the date of original purchase.

Note: Up to 2 additional years of AccuVein® Platinum Service can be purchased with new AV500 purchases.

What types of damages and events are not covered by my warranty?

The AccuVein warranty excludes coverage for cosmetic and other damage resulting from accidents (such as dropping the device or liquid damage), disassembly and unauthorized service/modifications. Please review the warranty for further details.

AccuVein® Platinum Serviceis the same as above but includes coverage for malfunctions resulting from accidental damages.

Note: Coverage is void by performing unauthorized service or modifications. Coverage does not include lost or stolen devices.

How much will my in-warranty service cost?

Warranty service for eligible AV500 repairs/replacements is available at no charge for twelve months from the date of purchase and an additional 24 – 36 months if AccuVein Platinum Service is purchased.

How can I tell if my AccuVein device is in warranty?

Please email and our AccuVein Customer Support team can provide details on all your devices.

My device is not eligible for warranty service. What are my service options?

Please contact your local Sales Rep or our AccuVein Customer Support team for options and pricing.

How do I avoid the expense of drop or liquid damage?

Physical Damage: AccuVein devices meet or exceed international industry standards for shock tolerance, but it is still possible to damage the internal components of the unit through excess physical shock or repeated physical shock.  Based on our experience, some of the common causes of physical damage are lack of care while inserting the unit in and removing the unit from a charging cup or cradle, and the placement of the unit on a patient’s bed or other surfaces.

Fluid: NEVER SUBMERGE THE DEVICE IN LIQUID. Visit our cleaning page for more information.

Does AccuVein Platinum Service cover the AccuVein hands-free stands?

AccuVein Platinum Service covers only the AV500 device, not hands-free stands or accessories. Hands-free stands come with a one-year warranty. Beyond one year, service options include upgrading to a new stand or obtaining parts for self-service.

What is the standard warranty period for accessories?

Cradle/Power Supply: One year

Hands Free Stands: One Year

Battery and other service parts: 90 days

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