Customer Stories

AccuVein at Sparrow Hospital
AccuVein At Sara Bush Lincoln
AccuVein At Carle Foundation Hospital
AccuVein In Haiti

Patient Types

We are frequently asked by healthcare professionals about how vein illumination with AccuVein’s breakthrough device works on various patient types. While people are all different below is a sample of how the device works on a range of patients.


Johnny, 33
Kalia, 5
Savannah, 5 months
Lucy, 73
Henry, 74
Nicole, 27
Chantal, 28
Duncan, 11
Cameron, 7

For Cosmetic Injectables

Cosmetic Practice, Dr. Gavin Chan
Cosmetic Practice, Dr. Joe Niamtu

For Vascular Surgery & Sclerotherapy

Vascular Surgery
Foam Sclerotherapy

For General Surgery

Pre-Surgical Vein Mapping

AccuVein On TV

Many our users have received positive coverage in their local media market. Vein visualization is a vibrant, visual technology that excites clinicians, patients and the media.

Dr. Max Gomez, WCBS TV, New York City
Woman Hospital, WAFB, Louisiana