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Category: Product Information

Merz Aesthetics® Announces Exclusive Partnership With AccuVein, Offering AV500 Vein Visualization Device To Customers in the US

Merz Aesthetics becomes the sole authorized distributor of AccuVein’s vein visualization system in the U.S. aesthetics market.

U.S. Service Notice Update for Discontinued AccuVein Products

We would like to remind you that the following AccuVein® products have been discontinued via previously released end of life notifications: AV300 Vein Visualization Device and AV400 Vein Visualization Device.

AccuVein Announces End of Life for Accessory Products

Effective August 3, 2022, AccuVein has discontinued the following accessory products: the HF570 Extended Reach Powered Wheeled Stand and the HF550 Unpowered Wheeled Stand.

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