Patient Types

We are frequently asked by healthcare professionals about how vein illumination with AccuVein’s breakthrough device works on various patient types. While people are all different below is a sample of how the device works on a range of patients.


Johnny, 33
Kalia, 5
Savannah, 5 months
Lucy, 73
Henry, 74
Nicole, 27
Chantal, 28
Duncan, 11
Cameron, 7

Customer Stories

AccuVein In Haiti
AccuVein At Sara Bush Lincoln

For Cosmetic Injectables

Cosmetic Practice, Dr. Gavin Chan
Cosmetic Practice, Dr. Joe Niamtu

For Vascular Surgery & Sclerotherapy

Vascular Surgery
Foam Sclerotherapy

For General Surgery

Pre-Surgical Vein Mapping

AccuVein On TV

Many our users have received positive coverage in their local media market. Vein visualization is a vibrant, visual technology that excites clinicians, patients and the media.

Dr. Max Gomez, WCBS TV, New York City
Woman Hospital, WAFB, Louisiana