Vein Visualization Is
Standard Of Care

The New AccuVein AV500
Redefines The Standard

Vein Visualization Is Standard Of Care
The New AccuVein AV500 Redefines The Standard

Click Play To See The Advanced AV500 In Action

New: Bright Green Projection

The green vein projection shows veins in as both dark lines on a bright background or as light lines on a dark background (inverse mode). The AV500 has a unique laser camera projector that enables its small, handheld design and always in focus projection. It also allows for permanent alignment. All other projection vein systems require preventive maintenance to ensure that they stay in alignment. Best of all, the AV500 uses a low power Class 1 laser ensuring eye safety without requiring any special protective gear.

Compare The Experience

Use your mouse to move the slide back and forth over the picture
to see the projection difference between the AV500 and the AV400.

New: Simplified User Interface

AccuVein’s success comes from its market-leading vein imaging combined with an intuitive, simple user experience. We’ve upgraded the AV500 with a simplified display that makes it even easier for the user. The three buttons allow the user to:

  • Switch from from dark veins on a green background to green veins on a dark background
  • Change the brightness to fit the ambient conditions
  • Set automatic timeout from 10 minutes to always on to fit the specific clinical need

The bright OLED display provides current device status in an easy to read and understand manner using large, very visible icons.

AV500 Feature Summary

Uniquely Easy to Use

Entirely user-intuitive, single button point and click technology.

Augmented Reality

A map of peripheral veins is projected on the skin, adding sight to an otherwise blind procedure.


Center line of vein projection is accurate to the width of a human hair.

IMG_0186 best

Handheld to Hands-free

Rapid handheld assessment converts quickly to optional hands-free stands.

Lightweight, Portable

At only 10oz it’s a true portable handheld device. It’s easy to hold for thorough patient assessment.

IMG_0286 best

Movement Tolerant

Shows veins in real time with no lag, allowing the device to accommodate patient movement.


Flexible Viewing Modes

The standard viewing mode, an inverse mode and brightness level options are available.

Extended Working Range

The AV500 is always in focus over its 4 to 10 inch working range.

Flexible Charging

Keep the AV500 charged in the cradle or stand and run unplugged for hours.

Sealed Design

No vents or openings allow the device to simply be wiped clean without the use of special tools.

Chemical Resistance

New plastic formulated to resist damage from hospital cleaning.


No Fans

Can be covered for enhanced contamination management.


Class 1 Laser Rating

Safe to use with no special precautions required.

Timeout Choices

Can be configured to turn off in 10 minutes or stay always on.

Long Battery Life

Up to two hours of active usage on a single charge.

Simplified User Interface

New OLED display with simplified user interface improves usability.


MRI Safe

Device is useable In MRI Zones 1, 2, & 3.

Permanently Aligned

There is no need for preventive maintenance since the optical system is permanently aligned.

Wipe Clean

The AV500 can be easily cleaned with alcohol or hospital wipes.

Broad Patient Utility

Vein detection works on all skin tones, ages and body types.

Works in Light and Dark

The bright projection can be dimmed for use in dark environments.

IMG_0158 best

Compatible With Existing
Products & Accessories

The AV500 Is Designed To Protect Your Investment

AccuVein takes our customer’s investment in Standard of Care seriously. The AV500 was designed to maximize compatibility with existing accessories. This allows low cost upgrades from either the AV400 or AV300. It also ensures that mixed environments with the advanced AV500 and it’s predecessors is hassle free.


HF470 Powered,
Wheeled Stand


HF450 and HF350 Goose Neck Wheeled Stands


HF310 and HF410 Table and Pole Clamp Goose Neck Arm


Charging cradles from the AV400 and the AV300



AccuVein has created a customized cover to help address the concern faced by all facilities: protecting patients from cross contamination.

Clinicians can feel confident using the protective covers with every patient to supplement cleaning procedures and potentially reduce the dependence on harsh cleaning products. Also the cover can be used as a standard of care in isolation settings where added precautions are necessary.

This extra layer of polypropylene provides optical clarity and necessary strength, without compromising the critically important vein image. The cover simply slips on and off and the tapered end provides a snug fit over the device’s optical window.

The covers are electron-beam sanitized in a sealed pouch. They’re clean, safe and environmentally friendly.

Achieve rapid, successful venous access with minimum patient pain


  1. Uniquely easy to use. No calibration, adjustment or preventative maintenance necessary and works at four or more inches from the skin’s surface.
  2. True handheld. The AccuVein fits in your hand and weighs less than 10 ounces.
  3. Battery recharges in unit. No need to remove the battery or plug it into an electrical outlet during use. Charge in cradle or stand and run unplugged for hours.
  4. Movement tolerant. Shows veins in real time so the device can accommodate patient movement.
  5. Accurate. Permanently aligned, no calibration testing needed; center line accurate to less than the width of a human hair.
  6. All patients. Works on a broad range of patients, including neonates, dark skinned, and obese patients.
  7. Medical grade design. Non-contact with a medical grade design. No vents or openings allowing the device to simply be wiped clean without special tools
  8. Protective cover option. Adds a layer of protection without compromising the crisp vein image. Use with every patient to supplement your cleaning procedures, or as a standard of care barrier in isolation settings.
  9. Hands-free choice. Rapid handheld assessment quickly converts to hands free.