The most common invasive medical procedure, venipuncture, can be a challenge even in the skillful hands of an experienced phlebotomist or nurse. The AccuVein is a breakthrough device that helps locate the patient’s best vein by displaying a map on the surface of the skin of the peripheral veins beneath the skin. Although there is no substitute for a trained practitioner’s experience, the device supplements existing venipuncture techniques by helping to locate the point of needle placement. Simple to use, the AccuVein will soon become an indispensable part of all venipuncture procedures.

Venipuncture Procedure

The AccuVein can be easily incorporated into your venipuncture procedure. After a tourniquet is secured, simply press the blue button on the side of the device to turn on the vein-display light and hold over the surface of the skin. The device should be held 90 degrees to the vein direction. The hemoglobin in the blood absorbs infrared light and the AccuVein detects the difference in the hemoglobin concentration between the veins and surrounding tissue, instantly projecting a map of the veins on the skin above them.

If you are performing venipuncture, hand the AccuVein to an assistant so both of your hands remain free to perform the procedure. You can also use in an optional hands-free stand. Once blood flow is established or the IV is in place and the tourniquet released, the AccuVein’s work is done!

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Note: The AccuVein should only be used by qualified medical professionals and only in conjunction with appropriate visual and tactile vein assessment techniques. AccuVein does not recommend that the device be held by a practitioner when performing a venipuncture.

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