Exceptional Return On Investment

Exceptional Return On Investment

“My estimate is that we have dropped our usage of PICC’s by 20-30% by using the AccuVein.”

Tim McCauley, RN,
Director of Emergency Services

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Is vein illumination a smart investment? Consider the cost of a single unnecessary PICC escalation. Many hospitals report that this can be as much as $800 per event. They also tell us that it ties up resources that could be more effectively deployed on other tasks.

In conjunction with our existing users, we’ve developed a Return on Investment calculator that can help you understand how vein illumination can have a positive impact on your patients, clinicians and your bottom line.

This example ROI assumes just $300 for a PICC escalation and avoiding only one per week.

It shows a payback of less than 4 months!

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We’ll work with you to evaluate the return on investment for your facility.

Customer Stories

“It saved us quite a few calls for PICC lines – I’d say 3 or 4 fewer PICC lines in a month which translates to roughly $500 saved in a month…plus patients prefer peripheral IVs to PICC lines.”

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